Project 3 – Camp Chingavanam, Kottayam- Supplies for Camp-Completed.

Chingavanam School is serving as makeshift emergency relief camps for Lakshmi Veedu Colony members. Kurichi is another relief camps serving the needs of people affected in Kottayam.

Based on the relief camp help request, members of Kerala Club worked with the relief camp coordinators and School Principal to urgently needed essential clothes. Most of the relief camp residents have lost all their basic clothing.

Chingavanam School Emergency Relief Camp

  1. White Mund-40
  2. Saree-25
  3. Nighty-50
  4. Ladies undergarments set-50
  5. Mens undergarments set-50
  6. Lungi-60
  7. Towel-50

 Kuruchi Relief Camp

  1. Nighty-36
  2. Underskirt-21
  3. Kids items-21
  4. Saree-20
  5. Lungi-18


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