Pony Ride Event

Pony Ride Event

Kerala Club Youth Leadership Forum formation team conducted their first Youth Leadership event at Ponyride, a Detroit based non profit business incubator.

The primary focus of the event was for the 12 formation team members to complete their Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program journey with final speeches highlighting
how the 8 weeks program helped them enrich their skills, vision and their journey to become the leadership team who will be guiding the Youth Leadership Forum in 2020 and beyond.
Teeza from Macomb Toastmasters supported the event by being the judge and provided key insights to the youth.

The event was coordinated by Kerala Club Youth Leadership Forum mentors Arun Das and Prabs Chandrasekaran in partnership with parent volunteers.  

The formation team also worked on their governance model that would recommend the proposed roles, responsibilities, officers of the YLF, terms, team structure and election process.

With partnership from Ponyride, the formation team were introduced to the principles of business and entrepreneurship through speech from Mike (Ponyride), Humayra (Boubi), Jessica (Not Sorry Apparel) and our own Sunil Chattavettil (MintMesh).

Overall the event provided a great learning experience for the formation team in not only interacting and learning from real entrepreneur but also getting experience on how to run an organization focusing on leadership principles.
Kerala Club Youth Leadership Forum Formation team in alphabetical order
Adhitya, Ethan, Joshua J, Joshua K, Kevin, Mihika, Nandana, Neha, Nick, Rahul, Seanna, Shreya.

Ponyride Location:
5203 Loraine St.
Detroit, MI 48208

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