What’s your story: Conversations in Mental Health by Dr Varun Gandhi

Mental health is a disease and an issue that affects countless number of people in our society, especially the youth. There is a stigma attached to it, that prevents those afflicted with this disease to seek out help as well as the many resources available to fight this affliction.

MaiFs https://maifs.org a leading non-profit Indian organization in the Metro Detroit area, has joined hands with several like-minded South Asian organizations to organize this national conversation on mental health. The conversation will cover a variety of topics relating to mental health, such as fighting the stigma of mental health, research around mental health, the tools to cope with mental distress, how to seek help for someone/talk to someone facing mental health challenges, and the important role that parents play in ensuring positive mental health for their children. Q&A will allow participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and resolve uncertainties.