Project 8- Project Wayanad- Completed

ORS – Oral rehydration system is a type of fluid replacement used to prevent and treat dehydration, especially due to diarrhea. With the possibility of water borne diseases spreading, the need for these systems are at utmost importance to the these places. A NGO van from Bangalore transported these ORS to Wayanad District Drug Warehouse with the help of volunteers from Bangalore. Kerala Club flood relief funds accounted for in purchasing 6800 units of the ORS to the warehouse . The ORS was purchased at discounted price in Bangalore. The ORS was delivered to the wayanad district govt drug warehouse in Kalpetta for distribution throughout the rest of the hospitals. There was shortage of ORS in Wayanad. The store manager was surprised that the price we got for ORS was so less. He also mentioned that this ORS is of very good quality, which makes it easy for kids to consume. The standard ORS they distribute is flavorless. The MSRP of each quantity of ORS was purchased at ? the price and there by the number of contributions increased 5 times than what it would have normally.

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