KC Youth Leadership forum (Kc-ylf)

Goal: To enable the club’s youth to become self-led and self-driven leaders to support the overall mission. The goal is to create opportunities for the youth to become effective communicators and leaders to improve their life skills and positively impact the local and international community they are associated with.

Formation Team (Organized during  June 2019 to October 2019): Aditya Arun, Ethan Arun, Joshua Joseph, Joshua Kelanthara, Kevin Mathews, Mihika Shibu, Nandana Nair, Neha Reuben, Nikhil Nambiar, Rahul Prabhakar, Seanna Ninan, Shreya Pillai

Formation team's phase I Journey - Completed

Communication, Leadership & Governance

8 weeks Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program (YLP) sponsored by Macomb Motivators Club [October 26, 2019 – Jan 26, 2020]: Purpose of this program-Develop speaking and leadership skills for young people. Participants will run meetings through various roles, follow parliamentary procedures to make decisions, make prepared and impromptu speeches, learn how to listen better and provide evaluation & feedback, learn to incorporate feedback, and how to use voice, gestures, & vocabulary. The following members from the Macomb Motivators Toastmasters club provided the leadership for the program. Arun Das, Coordinator, Teza Searcy, DTM, Asst. Coordinator, Richard Durling, DTM, supporting coordinator, & Carol Durling, DTM, supporting Coordinator.

Workshops & Panel Discussions with KC leaders and Parents

YLF Board Roles & Governance Structure

The formation team discussing the final draft model to present to the Board of Trustees (BOT) and Executive Committee (EC) 

Entrepreneurship Awareness

Upcoming activities

One day Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Skills for life Program [Date TBD]: Presented in a course format, the program teaches you to identify the project, project manager, team members and stakeholders. The program shows the project manager and team how to create a plan to identify the tasks needed to accomplish the scope of work, manage time efficiently and communicate with other team members and stakeholders effectively.


Pony Ride Event

Pony Ride Event Kerala Club Youth Leadership Forum formation team conducted their first Youth Leadership event at Ponyride, a Detroit based non profit business incubator. The primary focus of the event was for the 12

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Toastmaster YLP Kick off

KC YLP Kickoff The Toastmasters Youth Leadership program (TM YLP) was identified as the initial program to prepare the Kerala Club-Youth Leadership Program (KC-YLF) formation team members on leadership and communication. Macomb Motivators Toastmasters club

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