Kerala club charity update : Idukki relief construction project

Recipient: Suma Gopi Thondiyamalayil…

Vellathooval, Idukki

Logistics supported by :Snehatheeram Residence Association Kerala club coordinator: Jaison Suma Gopi, a widow and daily waged labour who is financially broken due to the treatment of her husband. She has a son and a daughter and was staying in a small house which was incomplete. Due to the landslide during the natural calamity, part of the house and the only toilet they had got severely damaged. After this incident they were living in a temporary tarpaulin shelter next to the damaged house.

By God’s Grace and the financial support from Kerala Club, U.S.A, Snehatheeram Residence association successfully executed the maintenance works. Suma and family are extremely happy and thankful to all of us, as their daughter was getting married on 27th Jan 2019 and we were able to complete all the works before the event. Works done.

Works done.

1. Renovated the damaged walls of the house. 2. Renovated the entire kitchen with new stove (Aduppe). 3. Plastering of entire walls and slabs in the kitchen including chimmney. 4. Flooring of the entire house with cement. 5. Bathroom :– Plastering, Closet and fittings, Plumbing works, Door, Build new toilet pit covered with concrete slab. 6. New Wooden doors: 5 Nos. 7. Window shutters: 18Nos (Aluminium fabrication). 8. Painting with white cement and cement Primer. PS: There is no road facility to the site and all the materials were brought by head load.

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